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Snellville Considers Regulating Air Pollution . . . Continuing The Crematory Fight

After losing the first and second rounds in the fight against the crematory, Snellville City Council member Kelly Kautz has introduced a proposed ordinance to prevent businesses such as hospitals and crematories —- one crematory in particular —- from polluting the air.  The ordinance would place specific limits on mercury and dioxin/furan emissions for any incinerator of bodies, body parts or infectious wastes.

The proposed ordinance was modeled after a Pennsylvania ordinance, which was modeled after the Clean Air Act.

While the proposed ordinance excludes pre-existing facilities, but would prevent any air-polluting facilities within 300 yards of residential properties in Snellville and require businesses to self-monitor their emissions and report them to the city.

The proposal already faces opposition from within the City Council with Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer objecting to its introduction and first reading: 

“The basis of the whole ordinance scares me because the person who wrote it has no experience in environmental law. She’s a trial lawyer,” Oberholtzer said.  “What I understand is that she cut and pasted different ordinances together,” he added.

The proposal will be voted on at the October 13 meeting of the City Council at 7:30 p.m. in the City Council Room of Snellville City Hall.