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Sandy Springs To Sue Fulton County Over Cemetery Flooding

The Sandy Springs City Council unanimously approved filing a lawsuit against Fulton County for its alleged failure to maintain two detention ponds at Arlington Memorial Park on Mount Vernon Highway.  The City blames the detention ponds for problems with Colewood Creek and flooding of residential properties in Colewood Court.


Fulton County Valuing Property At What Owed, Not Necessarily Its Fair Market Value

Foreclosures, short sales, declining values cause the fair market value of a property to sometimes fall below what the owner owes the bank.  Even though the property owner is under water or upside down with the mortgage greater that the property is now worth, the property owner may not get any relief from the tax assessor. 

Fulton County continues to consider the amount of the mortgage in assessing a property’s valuation for tax purposes resulting in valuations sometime double the fair market value of the property. 

Property owners have options and can appeal.  Contact GZB and the law firm of Williams Teusink Larsen to learn more.

Fulton County Alcohol Ban From Strip Clubs Upheld

While the taps at Babes, Fannies and Riley’s have not yet been turned off, a three-judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed Fulton County’s 2001 ordinance banning the sale, possession and consumption of alcohol at adult entertainment clubs.  The Court held that the County presented “ample statistical, surveillance and anecdotal evidence” as well as testimony and studies to support its efforts to curb the negative, secondary effects of mixing alcohol and live nude dancing.

The evidence, the ruling said, “certainly creates a vivid image of a county in which strip clubs that served alcohol played a prominent and unwelcome role. Sex and drug crimes occurred in and around the clubs and the neighborhood’s cheap hotels, and required law enforcement and the judiciary [the juvenile court, at least] to invest resources in combating the secondary effects.”

The 11th Circuit previously struck down a similar ordinance enacted by the county in 1997 because the county did not to prove that serving alcohol at nude dance clubs contributed to the “secondary effects” of decreased local property values and increased crime in the surrounding areas.

Fulton County v. Milton County . . . Battle Lines Drawn

Fulton County leaders picked sides this week over the divorce of the north areas from Fulton County and their reconfiguration into Milton County. 

Roswell Mayor Jere Wood, Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos, and Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker lined up on the side of divorce and creation of the new Milton County. 

John Sherman, president of the Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation, Fulton Commission Chairman John Eaves, and State Representative Roger Bruce (D-Atlanta) argued to preserve Fulton County.

Johns Creek Sues Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center

The City of Johns Creek filed suit against the nonprofit Autrey Mill Nature Preserve Association Board that runs Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Centerto take over the 46 acres of recreation and green space located on Autrey Mill Road. The City inherited the lease in January 2007 when it bought the park from Fulton County.  The nonprofit has operated the park for 20 years.

“Our primary concern centers around the Association’s original lease with Fulton County and an amendment executed July 19, 2006, the day after the successful referendum vote on [Johns Creek] incorporation,” city spokesman Bill Doughty typed in an email sent to concerned residents who have contacted the city about the lawsuit.

The City contends the lease is illegal, but there is more to it.

“We own the park, we own the liability, so we should at least have some say about appropriate activities happening at the park,” Mayor Mike Bodker said.

The nonprofit has fired back.

“In these times with money short everywhere, we were shocked that the City is spending taxpayers’ dollars and forcing Autrey Mill’s nonprofit Board to divert our limited resources into a court fight,” [board member Joan] Compton said. “We are ready and able to defend Autrey Mill from a hostile takeover, but we continue to prefer to negotiate with the city and resolve our differences in a principled way.”

Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center posts Q & A’s here going on the offensive against the City and the lawsuit.

Q) Were you expecting to be sued by the City?

A) No, we were totally shocked. . . .

Georgia Court of Appeals Will Hear Fulton County Superior Court CO2 Decision

The Georgia Court of Appeals has accepted the appeal of Fulton County Superior Court Judge Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore’s decision that the Georgia Air Quality Act and the federal Clean Air Act (CAA) regulate emission of carbon dioxide (CO2).   A decision is not likely until early 2009.