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Dunwoody To Allow Signs On High-Rise Buildings

The Dunwoody City Council approved changes to its sign ordinance to allow exterior signs above the 12th floor of any building facing a road.


Cartersville Grants Variance For Digital Billboard On MLK

Drivers along the US 41 Corridor can expect to see a new high-tech digital billboard within the city limits of Cartersville  with the approval of a variance.  Cartersville Board of Zoning Appeals has approved a variance to allow the digital billboard even though it does not meet the city’s sign ordinance.  The sign will also be slightly bigger than the regulated 300 square feet allowed by the city and closer to the roadway than the required setback of at least 100 feet.

The new billboard will would be located about 15 feet somewhere along a 3.39 acre plot of land on a stretch of N. Morningside Drive, near Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.