Mountain Park Legal Fees Top $2 Million In Fight With Developer

The City of Mountain Park has spent $2 million – more than four times its annual budget – in legal fees fighting upstream developers over silt and sediment in the city’s lakes and wetlands due to development in Roswell.  The north Fulton County city of just over 500 people has waged a federal lawsuit war against the developers since 2005.

The fight headed to trial last and is expected to last two weeks and undoubtedly cost the little city more money in legal fees.  The City has up on its website a summary of the first day of trial and directions to the courthouse.


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  1. It is quite obvious that these fees need to be audited by a professional legal auditing company NOT a law firm pretending to be an independent legal auditor. That’s like hiring wolves to guard a hen house. Conducting this type of audit is the responsible thing to do and should be performed sooner then later….Dr. Harry J. Maue, Chairman & CEO, Stuart, Maue, Ltd. , Saint Louis, Missouri 63044 800-291-9940

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