Woodstock Annexes Three Homes For Car Dealership

The Woodstock City Council voted 5-0 to annex three residential lots in the Kingsridge subdivision of Cherokee County.  The annexed property will allow Hennessy Honda to build a car-storage parking lot there after it buys the houses and demolishes them.  The dealership threatened to move taking nearly $900,000 in local tax money with it.

Residents have fought Hennessy Honda’s plan since last year when the dealer, Georgia’s second largest, announced it would purchase two acres of lots in Kingsridge, which abuts Woodstock. These neighbors feared it would set a precedent for commercial encroachment into subdivisions and that the parking lot would lower their house values. They made their arguments before the city planning commission, which recommended 7-0 that the city deny the annexation. However, the city council approved it 5-0.

The Cherokee County board of commissioners also opposed the annexation but decided not to challenge it legally because it didn’t believe the issue was reversible.


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  1. Posted by Brian Murphy on June 2, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    I do not live in Kingsridge but am against what Hennessy is trying to do. I have decided to stop taking my honda to any Hennessy dealership for service nor will I purchased from them in the future.

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