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Fulton County Alcohol Ban From Strip Clubs Upheld

While the taps at Babes, Fannies and Riley’s have not yet been turned off, a three-judge 11th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed Fulton County’s 2001 ordinance banning the sale, possession and consumption of alcohol at adult entertainment clubs.  The Court held that the County presented “ample statistical, surveillance and anecdotal evidence” as well as testimony and studies to support its efforts to curb the negative, secondary effects of mixing alcohol and live nude dancing.

The evidence, the ruling said, “certainly creates a vivid image of a county in which strip clubs that served alcohol played a prominent and unwelcome role. Sex and drug crimes occurred in and around the clubs and the neighborhood’s cheap hotels, and required law enforcement and the judiciary [the juvenile court, at least] to invest resources in combating the secondary effects.”

The 11th Circuit previously struck down a similar ordinance enacted by the county in 1997 because the county did not to prove that serving alcohol at nude dance clubs contributed to the “secondary effects” of decreased local property values and increased crime in the surrounding areas.