Suwanee To Build Organic Community Garden

The Suwanee City Council approved $400,000 for construction of a 7-acre park on property along Buford Highway in the city’s historic district that is part of more than 300 acres the city has acquired through its open space program.  The park will feature the Harvest Farm Community Garden comprised of 60-100 plots for rent.

Plot applications will be available beginning Tuesday at Planting will start in spring 2010.


One response to this post.

  1. I would like to donate a some egg laying hens to your community garden. I have plenty and local teachers re alwasy hatching more.

    Most local community garden co-ops have chickens and you should too ! New York City and our local Oakhurst Graden Center has had them for years.

    Please contact me and I will be happy to provide the hens, feed and any information you need including how to build a coop.

    Just look me up on our website:

    or find me on FACEBOOK!

    Have a Safe and Happy Christmas!!

    Andrew S. Wordes

    The Roswell Chickenman

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