Tire-Disposal Fee Fund Raid Delays Clean-up

All Georgians pay a $1.00 tire disposal fee in to the Solid Waste Trust Fund with the purchase of a new tire.  The Fund is intended to cover expenses of tire disposal and recycling and the clean-up of illegally dumped tires.  State legislators raided the Fund again this year. 

In 2004 and 2005, for example, [the Fund] earned nearly $7 million. Legislators took it all away both years, though. The fund raised about $6 million last year; the General Assembly gave EPD $1.4 million.

The legislators’ raid leaves insufficient resources to clean-up the 3.6 million tires buried in a 100-acre illegal landfill in Thomaston in Upson County.

To properly close [] landfill would cost $2.4 million. To dig up, cart off and recycle the 3.6 million tires would cost a minimum $8 million, a price EPD deems “economically unfeasible.”

Hays Arnold, mayor of Thomaston, said locals don’t talk much about the tire landfill and understand Georgia’s financial issues.

“A lot of money during these economic times has just disappeared,” Arnold said. “Maybe when we get financially healthy again we can do something with the dump.”


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  1. Despite the best efforts of modern science, your car tires rarely last as long as you keep your car. At some time, they will wear out or become damaged and you will have to replace them. The burning of tires has not completely disappeared but it has improved to the point where it is both environmentally safe and it recycles the raw materials.

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