Snellville Loosens Liquor Ordinance

After refusing to allow restaurants to pour on Sundays, the Snellville City Council twice loosened its liquor ordinances.  The Council voted 3-2 to allow local businesses to conduct winetastings and then voted 4-1 to approve a liquor license for a bowling alley.  More than 150 Snellville residents filed into City Hall to see the vote and voice their opinions.

Councilman Tod Warner, who pushed the two measures Monday, said the intent of the wine tasting was to allow a struggling business owner to use his body of knowledge to stay afloat.

To allay fears of customers drinking in mass quantities, Warner said wine aficionados often sip the wine, swirl it in their mouths and spit it out.

The liquor debate is still hotly contested in Snellville.

Larry Rutledge, a deacon at Snellville First Baptist Church, pleaded with the council not to make alcohol more accessible.

“[Alcohol] is the most destructive substance we have in this country,” Rutledge said. “I would hope and pray that as Christians … you would stand up and be against this thing.”

That struck a cord with resident Karl Bostick, who collects wines.

“I’m a Christian, and I drink wine,” Bostick said. “They are small samples, so that you have the ability to taste a bottle of wine before you purchase it. This is not a license to party.”


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