Roswell May Re-Write Zoning Ordinance For Chickens

The mayor of Roswell thinks he has seen the chicken scratches on the wall.

“No way we are going to be looking good regardless of what comes out of the court,” [Mayor Jere] Wood said.

Because of this media and community firestorm, Roswell may initiate a rewrite of the city’s zoning ordinance dealing with keeping livestock as pets.


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  1. Posted by Buster on June 25, 2009 at 1:46 am

    I hope they do re-write this law in all of GA, I just had to pay $250.00 to get a permit to keep chickens because of how my land was zoned (Residential), all nine of my neighbors signed statements that they had no problems with my chickens. It passed the first committee meeting by a vote of 4 to 1 to allow me to keep chickens, I’m not sure I expect it to pass the second committee meeting because honestly I feel this is just another means for the govt to suck more hard earned money out of tax payers. It used to be that you had a right as an “american” to raise your own food or keep pets so long as the animals and all aspects of those animals were contained to your own property. Now days as an “american” you have NO RIGHTS of any kind to the land you “own” except to pay property taxes every year. Every principle, moral, and value this country was founded on has been so completely trashed, followed by the constitution and next will be the flag.

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