City of Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit Recommends Denial of Conservation Subdivision Ordinance

NPU-B voted unanimously to reject  a conservation subdivision ordinance proposed by the city’s Bureau of Planning and Department of Watershed Management. 

The proposed Planned Development Conservation Subdivision ordinance would allow for greater density in exchange for water quality improvement and protection of greenspace in new subdivision developments.

NPU-B rejected the ordinance because the ordinance’s language was not clear.

“My major concern is there’s still too much gray area in the ordinance,” said Sally Silver, board vice president. “It needs iron-clad wording and intent. The definitions relating to architecture are not as clear as they need to be. With city elections coming up, we’ll be having a new city administration interpreting these standards.”

“There’s a level of anxiety in other communities and on other NPU boards,” said Jeff Shell, NPU B chairman.

The ordinance now goes to the Zoning Review Board at its first or second meeting in April. The board will make recommendations to the city council zoning committee, which will make recommendations to the City Council for a vote.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ms. Silver’s response seems to be the typical mealymouthed nimby argument against new zoning ordinances you can hear at many NPU meetings. But, of course, the City of Atlanta has repeatedly proven that it needs serious oversight.

    Is this ordinance headed to all the NPU’s this month or have others already voted? It is no surprise that conservative Buckhead went against the ordinance. I will be interested to see how the more liberal-minded NPU’s vote.

  2. Eric, it looks like the proposal is making its way through all the NPUs, but as you can imagine it is difficult obtaining information from the City. Kyle

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