Forsyth County Moves Forward With Neighborhood Shopping Center and Retirement Facility

The Forsyth Planning Commission recommended approvalof Lindley Development’s application to rezone 16 acres on Jot Em Down Road to neighborhood shopping.  The Commission also unanimously approved Lindley Development’s request for a conditional use permit for a 45-unit, 18,300-square-foot personal care home/institutionalized living facility, also on Jot Em Down.

The Commission’s recommendations no move on to the Forsyth County Commission, which could give them final approval in March.  If approved, Lindley Development proposes to develop a retirement facility and shopping center in northeastern Forsyth.

Attorney Ethan Underwood spoke on the developer’s behalf. He said the county’s future land-use map shows the area as neighborhood commercial and high density residential.

“We did do some analysis of benefits to the county … at full buildout of the site, we estimate that sales tax would generate over $400,000 per year,” Underwood said.


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  1. The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners approved the requests on Thursday March 19th.

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