Cartersville Approves 55+ Zoning Classification

CartersvilleMayor Matt Santini broke a tie vote of the City Council to approve a new Senior Residential Living (SRL) zoning classification.  The new zoning classification will allow for the construction of 1,000 square-foot homes, give City Council and staff flexibility regarding construction and variance issues, exempt developers from some of the usual stan-dards that apply to new developments and allow more density. Residents would be restricted to those ages 55 and older.

Avalon Lake,which is the site of a former 32-acre Christmas tree farm  located on Mission Road,was unanimously rezoned to SRL following approval of the new classification.


UPDATE:  The text of the SRL ordinance begins on page six.


4 responses to this post.

  1. What density is allowed under the Cartersville zoning district? -Elliott

  2. Posted by rkylewilliams on January 24, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Ebrax, the density is 2.5 units per acre in the new SRL district.

  3. Wow that seems low to me. In Forsyth County the senior housing ordinance allows up to 22 units per acre but requires a scale of services to get to that maximum such as skilled nursing.

  4. Elliot, the 2.5 units per acres is actually for the proposed Avalon Lake project. The SRL ordinance will allow density of up to 6 units per acre for detached single-family and 10 units per acre for attached. Still, the allowable density is much lower than most senior housing ordinances.

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