Metro- Roundup

Eighty-five percent of the 25,000 homeowners in Rockdale County may be affected by a new sidewalk installation policy approved unanimously Tuesday by the county board of commissioners.

Still a long way to go for the 10 acres proposed for the Alpharetta city center that may include new city hall, commercial space, condominiums, a park and possibly a city library.

Roswell allows Jacob’s Ladder, a small school devoted to teaching autistic and neurodevelopmentally delayed children, will fulfill its conditional zoning and be able to open Monday if it pays $21,388 into escrow or produce a bond to cover future costs to construct a bike path and guardrail. 

The Streets of Buckhead will be able to have awnings, canopies or balconies extending over the sidewalks reaching to the curb.

Ott defeats 16-year incumbent Thompson for Cobb County Commission.


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