YES! Dunwoody & Other Elections

With 81% approval, Dunwoody is a go.  In other election news that will likely change zoning and land use decisions:

Cobb County Commissioner Annette Kestling forced into a run-off with Woody Thompson.  Kestling garnered only 24% of the vote with Thompson besting her with 46.5%.  Thompson will take on Republican Barbara Hickey in the general election in November.  You may recall Thompson had previously held that same seat for two terms as a Republican before being defeated by Kestling.    Conventional wisdom tells you Thompson wins the general.

Cobb County Commissioner Joe Thompson forced into a run-off with Bob Ott.  Thompson garnered 40.08% of the vote with Ott besting him by a slim margin of 44%.  Likely a toss-up, but incumbents usually lose when forced into run-offs.

Pauling County Commission has a new chair – David Austin.

Gwinnett County Commission Chair Charles Bannister forced into a run-off with former Commissioner Lorraine Green in an ugly, bitter campaign.  Bannister got 49.4% of the vote to Green’s 40.4%.  Who knows?

DeKalb County Commissioner Burrell Ellis gathered 47% of the vote for DeKalb CEO, but not enough to avoid a run-off with former State Representative Stan Watson who came in a distant second with 24%.  Predict Ellis walks away with it.

and just about every incumbent in Clayton County was forced into run-offs. 

Any others you know about?


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